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Webcam system – Skyview


CCD observatory in school Guide for students, teachers and parents (pdf, 0.7 MB)
(A. Tretowska, L. Nowotko, T. Sowinski, W. Sliwa, G. Wrochna and P. Fita, Poland)
Read, how to build in your school a simple astronomical CCD observatory with a webcamera! Extensive description of hardware and software needed. Easy guide how to make your first own observations!

  • Webcam, a new tool for teaching astronomy (pdf, 2.5 MB)
    (Waldemar Ogloza, Pedagogical University, Cracow, Poland)
    Webcam as a new, powerful tool of teaching astronomy. Wide overview of many interesting types of celestial objects, as well for simple setup with photo lenses as for advanced setup with small amateur telescope. Many examples of exercises.

  • Jupiter and Its Moons (pdf, 226.3 KB)  with the AVI file  jowisz.avi (90 MB)
    (W. Polesiuk, School Complex No 1, Walbrzych, Poland)
    Discover the moons of Jupiter! A simple exercise, how to process the film taken with webcamera, using the IRIS software, and finally see the Galilean Jupiter's moons. You can download a film in AVI format with sample observations and try image processing algorithms by yourself.

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